Music para Sueltas


To commemorate this day as the day that Las Sueltas took it from the public sphere to the interwebz– I decided to post some inspirational music that makes this suelta shimmy her hips and grab her hairbrush as her mic. Let me explain why:

La Pistolera, “Policia”, gets right to the point– brown, women-identified bodies are continuously targeted and criminalized and then there was this song in response. Luv it!

Then, of course, I have to throw in some KPOP. The “Baddest Female” of KPOP and fierce leader of the group 2NE1, CL breaks it down as to what it means to be a “bad girl” without feeding into all that misogynistic and sexist perspective of “bad girls”. Rather, she goes deeper with lyrics like

“Yeah I’m strong, so ferocious (Yao)
Someone like you could never handle me (uh em)
I don’t know anything like jealousy
Even a psychic couldn’t guess at my heart (Aha)”

Check her out!

CL and M.I.A. should collaborate! They can even compare chains. By the way, who else lives by the motto: “Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well”?

Last, but certainly not least, Rocky Rivera! Not only does she keep it unapologetically real, she brings it back to the everyday hustle and struggle for us sueltas. Hip hop artist/ MC/ Momma/ Independent/ all things wonderful and inspirational~ she discusses some real issues in her music, about topics that hit home, from gender discrimination in the music industry to the decolonial liberation struggle in the Philippines~ all- around fierce womyn of color. Check out GRLZ as well as GRLZ (the remix).

What music do you sueltas listen to?


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