A Suelta Manifesto



Being Suelta is to not be inhibited by man or male counterparts, and to be happy and achieve happiness.


To be suelta means to be living outside of the traditional or even established [and/or] redefined sexual identities and ways of living that fall into heteronormative ideals of “happiness”.


“Suelta” is not literal nor is it limiting. Sueltas live in a liminal state, one that does not play into the heteronormative roles for women, that which sueltas reject or redefine.


Being Suelta is to find your own voice on your own terms. Being Suelta is to live with the everyday contradictions we experience and navigate as best and liberating as possible.


To be suelta means to be happy in every choice that you make regarding you and your body, and any relationship you willingly enter.


Individuals who try to impose their own views or beliefs onto sueltas are not true allies; sueltas do not need men or imposter sueltas to realize their own full potential. Therefore, Sueltas prefer to use the term womyn since we are not products nor reflections of men.

All Sueltas are Third World womyn from Third World countries; descendants of colonial, sexual, and gendered violence, finding ways to resist and decolonize in our everyday lives.


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